Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A big Weekend and A Great Man Retires!

Well, after a fab birthday with loads of super presents, Little Leon decided he better take Mummy & daddy out today, So he packed up the Moo's, Mini Moos, Mama Moo, Not a cow, and headed into the big City of Leeds.  He took mummy a daddy for a coffee, He likes his mini Cappuccinos!

Of Course you can;t have coffee without cake, so, cake was had! and it was yummy!

Now as luck happens, just outside the coffee shop the wonderful Ruby Macintosh was performing some quite simply splendid christmas songs, Little Leon has decided he likes Ruby, which is good because daddy does too! He says you should check out her website and buy her new album! http://www.rubymacintosh.com/

Ruby Macintosh, live at the Hop!

After to coffee it was on the the main order of the days entertainment, The CHSF Christmas Carol Concert which was combined with a celebration of the retirement of Mr Kevin Watterson.

The concert itself was a fine affair, various choirs assembled and gave us some cracking entertainment, probably the highlight being the Snowflakes signing choir. This was co-ordinated by one of Leons heart Buddies Lyall's mummies, As the name suggests it was a combination of signing and singing by a group of children that all face their own challenges, and I dare say there were a few tears shed during their performance.

Now, I often despair in the youth of today, they don't often get good press and, to be honest they don't help themselves a lot of the time, but, today, 3 young people helped restore some of that faith.

Firstly, young Ebony,

Not only is one of Leons heart buddies, but she has had a lot of other things to contend with over the last year or so and has a bit of a rough time  (err bit of an understatement there), but today Ebony got up in front of several hunderd people and gave a reading. Take it from some-one who has done, that is no easy thing to do, and for one so young took a lot of courage, but she took it in her stride and did everyone proud.

2. Joe Barry and  3. Kimberley Botham

Joe & Kim with Mr Watterson
Joe Barry, well what can you say. I've not known Joe long but I quite honestly say he is one of the most remarkable young men i have come across. He first came to my attention during the great SOS campaign where he spoke eloquently and passionately in defence of the Surgery team at LGI. To see Joe here today was nothing short of remarkable given he underwent Open Heart Surgery only a couple of weeks ago, what a guy! He is thoughtful, polite and a real credit to his family.

Kimberley Botham:- The lovely Kim, I;m sure Little Leon has a soft spot for Kim as he kept trying to run to her all afternoon. Kim gives us hope, hope for the future for Leon, for not only is Kim kicking CHD's butt, but she has qualified as, and works as a teacher, showing us, that no matter what your condition, with dedication and Hard work, you can succeed in whatever you try.  Kim also likes to party, so at;s a big two fingers up to CHD, and away we go..

If Leon grows up with the qualities of these three "young 'uns" have shown. then we shall be happy parents.

And to the main event. The retirement of Kevin Watterson.

What can I say. A man that have saved and given life to both my Father and my Son, a quiet man, a humble man, a dedicated man. How do you say thank you to man like this. Well, we did, and have several times, and as someone else said, if we were to say thankyou to him every day of our lives it still wouldn't be enough. All we can do is wish him well in his retirement, he has recently discovered he is to become a grandfather, so, he has a new job, one he will be as great in as his last one i am sure, and he takes the best wishes of hundreds upon hundreds of grateful parents, grandparents and children with him.

So Little Leon gave Kevin a present, hopefully one that Kevin will appreciate the Irony of, because you always have to keep in practise! We said our thanks (again), passed on my dads best wishes as well and left kevin to his adoring fans. I kid you not, it was like a meet and greet for a pop star!

By now little Leon was all tired out, so we made our way home, Leon was asleep after about 30 seconds in the car, and has now retired to bed, recharging his batteries, for he has to meet the Lovely dr Brown tomorrow for his MOT, and will be calling in to see all his nursey laaaaydeees to stock up on some hug time.

So, it's night night from Little Leon and sheee you shooon!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Little Leon Is Three!

Well, That's when it all started, on a very very cold Tuesday three years ago. Little did we know what a ride it was going to be. Sheer Joy to your worst nightmare in the space of 24 hours and to all points in between in the last three years. 

I'm not sure what you women complain about when it comes to labour, at least you get a bed, I was stood up for the best part of 7 hours, mind you I did nip outside for a bit to say congratulations to my friend who coincidentally was there at the arrival of his youngest son on the same day, so a Happy Birthday to Ethan as well!

Birthdays are about celebrating, particularly the celebration of a life. Leon for one so young has been through so much, but (nearly) always does it with a cheeky smile and a hug.

He has a soft spot for the laaydees, especially nurses, maybe that's why he doesn't complain about his (all too frequent) visits to hospital. 
That said we have been lucky (!!), we have met new friends that we probably would not have met, and have certainly gained a different perspective on things as well. We try and live life as close to normal as possible, easier said than done at times, but i think we do ok.

Helens work took her away from home pretty much every other week, so it was left to me and the the little dude to amuse ourselves, always a recipe for trouble that!. I don't know if i;ve been a "good" dad or not, I hope I have, i;ve done my best and that's all any parent can do. Helen is looking for a change of Job so she can stop us getting into trouble, so if anyone is looking for an OT, leave us a message!!!

As Leon has got older he has certainly developed his own personality, somewhere between a Just william and Just a Gigolo!  He's a bit behind developmentally, but, hey, if i'd been through what he had, so would I.
He'll catch up i;m sure, but if he doesn't so be it, as long as he's happy i really don't care.

Leon Loves spending time with both sets of Grandparents, Knitting Nana (Helens Mother) spoils him by cooking his dinner most Sundays, where he goes to see his Cousins Jasmine & Cara, and  he teases my dad by waiting until he is just about to nod off and going WAKE UP!!! poor Grandad....

Is It Leon or is it Daddy?

We have even managed to squeeze in a couple of Holidays. Leon loves the Sun, the Sand, The pool, the Girls (or is that daddy....) Err, ....

Life is for living, Leon has taught us that much, not that we didn't already know that, but sometimes you need something to come along and make you realise that it is, and they are not just words. 

Leon:- Daddy carry the bucket.
Daddy:- No you carry the bucket
Leon:- But daddy....
Daddy, No, you wanted it, you carry it!
Leon:- But daddy your the bestest bucket carrier in the world
Daddy:- **sighs**

So, as Three years have passed, both very quickly and agonisingly slowly at times, we look forward to many more birthdays, more parties, more holidays, more time just doing stuff. For those that have been with on the ride, buckle up! we aint done yet!

“One must simply take the days of their lives as they happen. If you spend time worrying over what is to come, which may or may not happen, then you will only be wasting precious days you will wish in the future you could have cherished a bit longer.” 

― R.J. GonzalesMundahlia

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas is coming!

Today was the Childrens Heart Surgery Fund;s xmas party.

There was the usual scenes of kids running around, playing, laughing, crying, eating and generally having loads of fun. Sounds like a scene repeated up and down the country, so what's so special about it you ask?

Well, the room was full of children who have either had, or will be having heart surgery at the Leeds General Infirmary Childrens cardiac unit. It;s a rare chance where parents and children alike get to leave behind the everyday worries that they go through, knowing that the room is full of people who understand what you are going through or are about to go through. Doesn't sound like a big deal from the outside, but to us it is. We all get great support from friends and family, but, as they saying goes, you will never really understand how it feels until you go through it. I hope that no-one reading this ever has to go through it, sadly I know many have already, but one day, maybe, just maybe......

The CHSF relies purely on donations, the support it gives to families and the unit is immeasurable, so, should you have a spare few bob lying around chuck it either their way or to us and we will pass it on.

To be in a room full of amazing people with amazing stories makes you realise even more how precious the gift of life is and how fragile our grip on it is. Sadly, some little ones could not be there, some to ill to make it, even more sadly, some were looking down from above, but they're never far from our thoughts, especially at Christmas. Leon made the most of the chance to run round hugging all the ladies, saving some extra special ones for the lovely Ebony and Kim. He was a very good boy when seeing Santa, although he's not sure about this being good ALL the time is about!

So, Leon has worn himself out  hugging all the laaaydeeees and has retired to his bed to recharge the batteries ready for next week. He says, Hug your loved ones extra tight tonight, and sends big love to all.
and remember the words of Alfred D Souza

“Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt before,
Sing as though no one can hear you,
Live as though heaven is on earth.”

Night Night everybody

Saturday, 30 November 2013

To Paraphrase Churchill....

Never has soo much been owed by so many to one man.

Mr Kevin watterson has announced that he is to retire in March.
Now to say I owe this man a huge debt of thanks would be something of an understatement. Waaaay back in the very early 90's he performed open heart surgery on my father, childrens work wasn;t as common in those days as diagnosis was still pretty poor, so he had time to fit the odd adult in his surgery slots, my father being one of those. fast forward 20 or so years, and he was to perform a minor miracle on Little Leon, 13 hours plus in surgery, an operation the great man called challenging and complicated, so I can only imagine how difficult it actually was.

Little Leon & Grandad discuss the finer points of open heart surgery!
Now, it's not just the surgical skills that sets this man apart, it's his dedication,  One of my overriding 
memories after Leons operation was the sight of Kevin, sat at the end of Leons Bed in PICU drinking a cup of tea, making sure everything was as good as it could be, and would not leave until he was satisfied all was well. He is a humble man, quiet spoken, a brutal honesty when discussing your options and chances when it comes to surgery, but has an aura of confidence, that just makes you feel that things will be ok. There were no guarantees, but we felt we had the best man for the job, (after all. He did have a walking testament to his skills in my dad). He has devoted a good 25 years or more to the cause in Leeds, been a great champion of of keeping Surgery at Leeds, and will be missed. We were speaking to his Wife at a Heart Ball, a lady that has (along with the rest of the family) undoubtedly taken a back seat throughout his career, it is now their time, and I wish them a long and happy retirement together,
We will be saying our goodbyes to him, along with many others at the CHSF carol service next week, it;s bound to be a bit emotional, thank you can be such an inadequate word at times.

Little Leon makes sure he has the new surgery teams numbers

Fortunately, Kevin leaves a good team Behind him, Mr Jaber was part of the team that operated on Leon, so there is that continuity, and the new head of surgery is Carin Van Doorn, no stranger to Leeds, and has established a superb reputation throughout Europe, so we can rest assure leon will be in good hands.

Little Leon has a busy few weeks coming up, so look out for the latest updates, It;s his Birthday Next week, the Carol Service, Christmas Parties, Christmas itself and daddy's birthday, so we'll have lots to share. 

If you drop by, leave us a message to say hi.

Laters people...

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sorry it's been a while in updating, but what with illness, holidays and Helen concentrating on getting Leons Heart up and running it been a little hectic to say the least. So just a quick begging letter really, I'LL post a more comprehensive update shortly!

This montage is exactly why Helen has taken leave of what little sense she had and decided to walk over some hot, make that very hot, coals to raise money for the CHSF.
Helen and a load of other fruit bats are going to Stockeld Park on 1st November to raise funds for the Charity that gives so much to people when it is needed. I hope that no-one is ever in a position to need the charities help but sadly too many do. Don't just think "oh i'll never need that", the cold hard facts of Childrens Congenital Heart Disease is that it will affect 1in 100 children and is THE biggest cause of Death in children. It kills more children than all the cancers combined yet receives a fraction of the funding. So, sadly there may come a time when you, or some-one you know will be affected by it and they may need the help of the CHSF. So, if you can spare the cost of a Starbucks or a beer, please sponsor Helen Dory Purdy, and help her to help those who helped us. Be warned though, if she doesn't reach her target, i will upload a video of me from one New years eve bash, and believe me, you really don't want to see that!

A Big big thanks to all who have donated already 

Please use the link below if you are able to spare a few bob!


Laters peeps!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Little Leons Mummy reflects a little.........

Little Leons Mummy here :D
He keeps telling me off for not updating more regularly, but you know, its more fun playing with Leon and the family Moo, the weather is good and we can go out. All too soon the cold weather will sneak up on us and it will be back to worrying about colds and bugs putting us back in the hosptial.   So I have started a little notebook of crafts and games we can play during the winter.    Maybe I can do a craft or activity of the week, share our adventures so other people can join in :D   The plan at the moment is to turn our damp stuff filled cellar into a little play room for us so we can get messy, watch films, eat popcorn, hang out.......
Woooo Hoooo!  Tractor!


I was looking at a post on Face book this morning, after I had mopped up my tears I got to thinking about all the parents who are currently walking a road that they would never ever have taken if it wasnt for the gift of their children..........  It was Reubens Mummy who made me cry this morning, Reuben had an aggessive brain tumor.... Reubens Retreat is set up in his memory, his family are fundraising to be able to provide a retreat for bereaved parents and children and families of children with life limiting conditions......  http://www.reubensretreat.org  
Carren Bell set up Lagan's foundation, if Lagan had been born with a perfect heart the foundation wouldnt exsist.  I volunteer for Lagan's, we provide short term respite care for families with children between 0 and 5 years who have Congential Heart Defects and or Feeding issues. Hospital sitting service, because even if your child is asleep or sedated..... you just sit there for days on end..... We take over that role of sitter for a while so parents can eat, shower, sleep and just try for a couple of hours at least to get out into the 'normal' world that we all left behind when we entered the world of Congenital Heart Defects!  http://www.lagans.org.uk/
Harry Mosleys Mummy is still fundraising and making his lovely bracelets.  Harry started 'Help Harry Help Others'  and thats exactly what his family continue to do.   Harry was mad about Sponge Bob Square pants :D  Now, every time I see Sponge Bob I think of Harry.   Harry also suffered from a brain tumour.   http://hhho.org.uk/ 
Fellow heart parents Jon and Andrea have started Zip Media, a path Jon said was born out of his experiences with his daughter being a heart baby with other complications, not to mention fighting the good fight to keep Leeds General Infirmary Childrens Cardiac services in Leeds.
Me starting Leons Heart making bespoke handbags and using Character bears to raise the profile of CHD in babies.  www.leonsheart.com   If Leon had been heart healthy life would be so very different.  I would probably be working full time and banging my head against the wall, feeling guilty that Leon was in nursery while I worked myself half past dead........ Well now my priorities are different, I live for my family not for work and Leons Heart is like having another little baby, needs feeding and nurturing to thrive :D  So far, both my babies are doing fine.
So, thats us, parents of children with life limiting conditions, moving forward in a way only we can........

i can do this to Daddy and he laughs woo, try it when you see him!

Er Mummy..... do I look cute in this wide angle?

I promise Little Leon to make more of an effort in sharing his adventures, in fact, I think you should watch out for Talbot the Travelling bear, he is preparing for an adventure, he has his new hat, shirt and rucksac, he is packing his map, toothbrush and a letter of introduction.  Sadly the Cot bed gang have spent all the growls on take aways, so he has to thumb lifts and rely on host families to take him round the country and maybe around the world.  So if anyone wants to be a host family for Talbot and take him on some adventures, take a photograph and upload it on his FB page, let us know. 

Now its time to say night night, see you all soon, laters as Leon now says.

Love Mummy Daddy and Leon xxx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Two Years On.....

Two Years ago today, I made the longest walk of my life, a walk no parent should ever have to make. I carried my son, Leon, from Ward 10 to the operating theatre at LGI, They wanted him to go down on a trolley, but there was no way I was going to let that be my last sight of him should the worst happen. We (Helen & I) left him in the hands of the surgical team knowing the odds on him coming back were a lot less than favourable, but, Helen had done a great job in getting him so far, and now it was up to the Wonderful Mr. Watterson & his team and Little Leon himself.  Over 14 Long, long, long hours later, he was back, alive, relief all round, the rest is well documented elsewhere.

 It’s been an eventful two years, Leon has had further surgery, and will still need more in future, but he now has that future, something that was not for definite two years ago. Along the way, we have laughed, we have cried, we have had family holidays, days out, days in and days doing nothing and, infuriatingly, days/nights at the hospital (s)!. There is always the worry over his health,some days are better than others, but  his heart is in as good a condition as we could have hoped for, his plumbing sadly not, but hey, I’ll take that any day. He is checked by the Hospital regularly, at the moment all is good so big smiles all round!  They say that having kids changes you, having a CHD kid certainly does. Perspectives change, you find out who your friends are, and get to meet a whole load of new ones; for  we are all members of a club that no-one wanted to join, but we are closer for that, we understand each others worries and feel each others pain. With the best will in the world, if you haven’t experienced it, you will not understand, and I pray that one day no-one will have to experience it at all. I now frequent a world where hearing about another ones Open heart surgery is the norm, where hospital visits can be more regular than visits to the seaside for children and parents alike, and where, sadly, death, is all too common.  We were lucky (!!) Leon survived, he  has had people from all parts of the globe praying to whatever deity would listen, the non-religious just sending best wishes, and random strangers offer support in various ways. In this digital age, it’s surprising how touching a message left on a forum wall, from some-one who you have never physically met and know only by a nickname, can be.  Leon has developed a bit of a fan club in some circles, a blog started by Helen about Leon and his adventures has now been visited over 17000 times, who’d have thought it!

 So two years  on,  I would like to thank all of you that have in some way become part of our lives, to the medical and ancillary teams at LGI (how do I start to thank these guys?), to the RLFANS Wakefield Trinity Forum Prediction league  for a wonderful Gesture and continued messages asking about his progress, to the family of Leon Walker, their own son tragically lost to an undiagnosed CHD whilst playing for Wakefield for their kind words and gesture,  to all the new friends we have made in the CHD world, to the families who have been through this and helped with advice and to those still to go through it that maybe we can help in some way, to our close families for being there and to old friends who just were there when we needed them.

But I have to thank one person more than any, my wife Helen, without whom I would not have got through this last couple of years, so, here’s to many more years as a family just doing family things that others take for granted.. 

There is a quote by Souza, that really says it all
“Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt before,
Sing as though no one can hear you,
Live as though heaven is on earth.”

Thanks for being along with us for the ride, buckle up for we have a long way to go and a lot of things to see and do yet.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Adventures of Little Leon and Noel: Little Leon and Mama Moo........

The Adventures of Little Leon and Noel: Little Leon and Mama Moo........: This morning, early, before Little Leon was stiring and Mummy and Daddy were still snoozing, Charlie bear sneaked downstairs and switched on...

Little Leon and Mama Moo........

This morning, early, before Little Leon was stiring and Mummy and Daddy were still snoozing, Charlie bear sneaked downstairs and switched on Daddys PC...........
Now which button is for on......?

In the night while Leon was asleepy Cow and Mini Moo had been talking to the Cot Bed Gang, Cow and Moo love staying with Little Leon and the Cot Bed Gang, but they miss thier Mummy.......  The bears have Miss Schlepp to look after them, the rabbits have Hoppy Bunny Leon has Mummy and Daddy, but Cow and Moo were feeling a bit lonley.

Cow and Moo missing Mama Moo......
So Charlie Bear, switched on Daddys PC and started to search..... Mama Moo, well he looked at Twitter, Facebooky, farm family, local farms, looked at Milkey sellers......  Yorkshire show site and cow boys..... er no, that was something totally different...........  Eventually he found who he thought he was looking for.........

Mmm, cakey........
So, Charlie Bear picked up the phone..... it rang and rang and then suddenly a voice said.... Hello, Mama Moo here..... Well, Charlie was so happy, he explained that Cow and Moo had been adopted from Farmer Copleys Farm. But they missed their Mama Moo.....  Mama Moo was thrilled, it was a nasty farmer who had taken Cow and Mini Moo and given them to a albert...arbor.... abberrrt anyway, somewhere Cows and Mini Moos shouldnt go!   That would explain why Cow doesnt like the butchers shop.......   But Farmer Copley had come and rescued them with all thier friends and let them live in his farm shop, so that families could come and adopt them......

So, knowing that her little Cow and Mini Moo where safe......... What will Mama Moo do next.......

Cow and Mini Moo tucked up safe and sound..
Cow and Mini Moo are looking after Little Leon, the cot bed gang are planning another midnight phone call........   They are also raiding the Growls money box and Noel is planning a trip out in the Coupe........... What does that all mean..........?

Cow and Leon xxxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Little Leon visits Albert Dock...

Today has been a lovely day for Little Leon, he took Cow and Moo to Albert Dock in Liverpool to see some boats.

Cow in a Mini!
There were big boats, little boats, boats with sails, boats without, boats with people in and boats with people out.  The loud man on the microfone said that there will be a Pirate weekend on the 20th and 21st July..... Avast said Little Leon! So he might be going back!

I said no pictures please, Superhero Incognito!
He also saw a fabulous stunt plane performance and they finished off after looping the loop, flying upside down, criss crossing and going back and forwards with a beautiful great big heart!  Leon was thrilled Daddy had arranged that.......... Daddy was a little surprised as well! 

Ive been driving in my car...... its not quite a jaguar...... Rarrr!
Then it was back down the dock side to get Mummy a coffee and some cake.  Mummy has fallen and hurt the ligaments in her foot, so she is having to sit and rest it a lot.  If you know Little Leons Mummy you will know she doesnt like sitting and doing nothing!
Cow having a Marylin moment on the blower......

Part of the reason for that is that she is setting up a small workshop so she can make more lovely things.  www.leonsheart.com    soon there will be more bears and bags and wonderful things to see on the website, so keep checking back, Christmas really isnt that far away if you are wanting a little bit of hand made something different.
Me and Daddy and Mummy!

Daddy is trying to watch the Grand Prix with little Leon munching crisps and yapping!  Poor Daddy!

See how you like it when someone does it to you.... Its tough being cute you know!

Sneaky peek at Mummys bag styles :D
 and finally..........

Be yourself, be true to yourself, follow those dreams, but not the one where you are naked in the middle of a motorway!

Love from Leon, Mummy and Daddy xxx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Adventures of Little Leon and Noel: Little Leon opens a Workshop!

The Adventures of Little Leon and Noel: Little Leon opens a Workshop!: Hello everyone ! Little Leon and his Mummy have been very busy lateley, Leon has been very busy playing and learning, Mummy has been rease...

Little Leon opens a Workshop!

Hello everyone !

Little Leon and his Mummy have been very busy lateley, Leon has been very busy playing and learning, Mummy has been reaserching and looking for a workshop......

Little Leon, boy at C&A!
Mummy was very lucky and found a lovely workspace very close to where she and Little Leon live.  There will be a special place for him to play and help make lovely things.  Mummy will work on the website and put up some wonderful bespoke handbag using techniques such as couching, beading, trapunto quilting, and lots more things she would like to try out.   

So from the 1st of June Little Leon and Mummy with the assistance of Daddy will be working from a proper workspace.  Woooo they are soooo excited!

Leon having fun with Cow and Mini Moo!
Well the weather has improved and The coupe has come out of the garage, Little Leon regularly rides Cow, Moo and Charlie Bear around the garden.   Beep Beeping for Mummy to come out and push him when he gets tired!

MMMM Bixits?  dont mind if I do!

So Lots of work to be done, lots of picutres to show you of Mummys work and Little Leon with his Made by Me collection!  Rumour has it there may be a range of Christmas cards made by Leon.... who know what creative dreams he is having as he snoozes with the cot bed gang!

Shee you shoon as Little Leon says xxxx

PS.  Little Leon says Hi to his Daddys Rugby pals, see you at Belle Vue soon boys!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Little Leon has a competition!

Well competition time :).

Answer this question to recieve your very own heart bear with personalised bead necklace .

What is the name of the leader of Little Leons cot bed gang?

Please post your answer in Leons heart fb page

Little Leon will choose a winner on Friday !

Friday, 5 April 2013

Little Leon sends a letter........

Dear Bruce Keogh and Rodger Boyle,
My name is little Leon, Im two years old.  I was born in December 2010.  Mummy and Daddy had waited for me for a long long time.    At three hours old I was diagnosed with a poorly heart, within 24 hours I was tucked up nice and warm in a cot at Leeds General Hospital with Dr Sam scanning my chest with a scannythingamabob and trying to reassure my very frightened Mummy and Daddy that Tetralogy of Fallot, PDA with a really narrow pulmonary artery wasnt going to kill me immediatly and that they would still get to hug and kiss me goodnight.  I was in hospital for three weeks and Dr Thomson let me come home to the cot bed gang on Christmas Eve.     That was Mummy and Daddys best christmas present ever.
I deteriorated very quickly in May 2011 and Mr Watterson kindly repaired my heart, it took him 14 hours and for a man of such skill to tell my Mummy and Daddy that it was 'complex' when he got inside my chest made them realise that we were all very lucky to be treated by the staff at Leeds.  By co incidence Mr Watterson also repaired my Grandad Dons heart 20 years ago too.  Since then I go regularly to see my Nursey laydees and the Doctors who scan my chest and listen to my heartbeat, this helps Mummy as she gets very anxious at times that she will loose me.  Dr Thompson put a balloon in my pulmonary artery to try and make it bigger, so I can play with my friends and not feel worn out, he also said it would stop it perishing and 'popping' off.  
This is me and my Daddy... oh and Thomas the bear.

I want you to know that what has happened to Leeds over the past week has worried so many Mummys and Daddys, my heart buddies have been very frightened that their surgery has been cancelled or put off for longer.  It was very poor timing that it all blew up over a four day bank holiday with no one around to reasure us all that everything would be ok.   While no one wants children to die, of anything, not just CHD, we need a more robust system that is proporly looked at and not panicking us all.

This is Mummy and Me having fun on the sofa
Please look at my photographs and those of my heart buddies, walk a mile in our Mummy and Daddys shoes, see how it is from our point of view.  We should be saving lives not saving face......

Please dont break my heart.

Little Leon

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Little Leons big Update!

Well its been a little while since Leon and his Mummy have updated! Mummy gets told off a lot by Leon for that!

At the beginning of November, Little Leon went to visit his nursey ladies again, Dr Brown scanned him with the scannythingamabob and said that she was very happy with Leons heart and wouldn't need to see him for a whole SIX months! Progress indeed! That will give Leon time to work on how to swap his plastic stethoscope with Dr Browns posh one!
Beep Beep!

Also, on the first of November Mummy and Little Leon started a business together! Woo! It is called Leons Heart and will be used to raise funds and awareness for Childrens Heart Charities and give Mummy something to do with all the little crafty things she makes during the year! you can find the website, which is work on progress as Mummy likes to say about things she doesnt do well..... www.leonsheart.com or on Face Book, just look for Leons Heart! Leon has been making personal appearances at craft fairs to help boost his street cred!

On to December, Little Leon has lost count of how many times he has met Santa! Woo he really likes to check on if you have been naughty or nice! He had a fabulous time at the Dreamtime Baby Massage party, Mummy and Sarah are planning an Easter Eggstravaganza party! Watch this space for more details!! Then on to the Santa train with Daddy and Grandad, Leon wasnt feeling very well that day, but enjoyed the trip with God Mummy Sarah and Lil T. Santa gave him an aligator jigsaw!

Leon Racing Driver!
It couldnt be Daddy could it......

Mummy and Daddy nominated Leon for a Champion Child award with the Wakefield Express, he was given a lovely plaque for being brave, he is very proud of it and keeps it on his craft table.  He had a lovely day and watched Cinderella!  He got a kiss from Claire Frisby from the telly and Cinderella, Cinders didnt kiss Daddy, she said he wasnt small or cute enough!  Poor Daddy!! 

Little Leon is into his big boy bed as he keeps trying to climb over the top of his cot!  Despite the cot bed gang hanging onto his jama bottoms!  Trouble is he keeps getting out of bed and Daddy finds him snoozing on the carpet!!!

Little Leon has had a lovely Christmas and New year, Uncle Tony cooked lunch, Santa had visited and brought lots of presents, Little Leon was a bit overwhelmed by it all so he only opened one or two at a time, woo ! he had fun, his favourite so far is a Mega Block dumper truck, he can get anything in the back of that!!   Then on Boxing day he invited his cousins and family to a not very surprise birthday party for Daddy! 

And so Little Leon is wishing all his friends and family lots of love and best wishes for 2013, Mummy is going to write with his adventures more often, there has been a couple of additions to the Cot bed gang, the famous Charley bear has joined the gang and is on snuggle duty this week. Heff the Elephant a friend of Thomas is here too.   It is getting a little crowded in there!

Lots of Love, Mummy Daddy and Little Leon xxx