Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Woo ! Grandads home!

Well, after shuttling between hospitals last week Little Leon has had a quiet weekend, no ambulance rides, no oxygen and defiantly no overnight stays with his laydees!

In fact at the very mention of hospitals and medication Little Leon hides in the duvet!

No a spoonful of sugar does not make the medicine go down!

Little Leon wiggled so much under the duvet he had a bad hair day!

Nope you cant see me!

Grandad had an emergency operation to mend his tummy, Little Leon was a little concerned because he is stapled back together and he gets his own nursy laydee to take them out with a staple remover...... He is hoping that she is careful!

Little Leon chatting to Grandad before he was poorly
Grandad came home this morning and went straight to bed, Little Leon thinks he is hiding under the duvet so he doesnt have to have nasty medicine with a spoonful of sugar!  Leons medicine makes him cry because it tastes nasty and no amount of hugs from Mummy and Daddy can make it any sweeter.But he has to have it to stop him going a funny colour and being unable to breathe.  Hopefully he will be able to stop taking it soon.  He is being talked about in the big important meeting today and Mummy and Daddy hope they pull the surgery forward so Leon, like Pinochio can be a normal little boy!

Little Leon and Pinochio!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Mystery Shopping

Woo What an exciting week Little Leon and his Mummy and Daddy have had.  At the weekend he had a trip to Pinderfields A & E and met Dr Charles.

Little Leon telling Daddy about his adventures!
On Monday Little Leon decided to have another spell and went a lovely deep crimson colour in his Mummys arms at the top of the stairs, very distressing for both.  Leon gasped, Mummy gasped, Leon cried, Mummy cried and pushed his knees to his chest and sang Three little Speckled frogs all the way through, and then rocked him from side to side.  Daddy took over and watched Little Leon for a while, gave him some milky when he asked for it and then tucked him up in his little bed to be watched over for the rest of the night by the Cot Bed gang!

Give a hug give a hug....
Mummy rang the hospital on Tuesday morning because she was worried and they invited him to visit for a few days, how exciting !  Little Leon enjoys meeting his nursey laydees. Dr Sam had him play with the scan thingamabob again, its showed a serious narrowing in the pulmonary artery and his duct is narrowing.....   Very worrying for Mummy and Daddy.  So once again Leon is going to be discussed in the big important meeting on Tuesday morning and they are looking to pull his surgery forward.... keep your fingers crossed for good news.  In the meantime Little Leon has some magic medicine that stops the spells by relaxing the muscle that spasms and causes him to go crimson!  While he was relaxing in the ward Leon played peekaboo with Dr Sam, lets grab the scanner cable and help Dr Trinette with the scany thingamabob and smiled so much at his laydeees Mummy thought his face had frozen into a permanent grin!

Little Leon wiggling and giggleing on Mummy
On Thursday morning Dr Sam told Little Leon he should go home because his cuteness batteries must be running down low and his laydees needed to get on with the serious job of hugging the other children on the ward!  So Mummy ran Nan and told her they would get cake and go round to visit..........

Little Leon happy to be going home!

Little Leon teaching Daddy texting!

When Mummy and Little Leon arrived with cake, Nan and Grandad were out, so Mummy ate some cake and waited for them to call.  Nan called and said that Grandad was poorly and was in Pinderfields Hospital!  Oh no, so Little Leon had Mummy pack a bag of milky and rushed round to see what was happening.  It seems Grandad had been taken poorly in the night and also had a ride in an ambulance.  He has had an emergency operation and it now sat up in bed eating a banana!

Little Leon and Grandad are hospital mystery shoppers!

Mummy and Daddy are worn out, Nan is worn out and Grandad and Little Leon are resting their eyes!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Parrtay time and a ride in an Ambulance!

Little Leon had a great day today with all his friends from far flung places like Bangladesh and Grimsby.
Auntie Jess has a revolving door in her house in York, people kept arriving!

Uncle Manir getting to know the Hula Miss!

Bijan and Leon discussing Lady Ga Ga!

Uncle Manir and Auntie Jess get cuddles from Little Leon!

Little Leon spent some of the afternoon giving cooking tips to Mummy Heslop!

Little Leon joins a boy band. Cobir, Bijan and Manir from Bangladesh

Little photo of me!

 In fact, he enjoyed himself so much he didn't want the fun to stop so after getting home and having had a power nap he decided he hadn't seen the new Pinderfields hospital so he decided to go a lovely shade of crimson and have a spot of bother getting his breath and got mummy and daddy to call him a taxi (complete with blue flashy lights) to take him to see it. Leons Mummy thinks she needs to campaign to get rid of speed bumps because they send the ambulance into orbit when they go over them fast! 

 Little Leon got to meet Dr Charles who showed him the new A&E area gave him a good check over and made sure he was ok, got Leon to cuddle a nurse and then said as he was looking his normal colour again and all his beepy things showed he was back to his normal levels they said he could go back home, so off we went. Leon is now nicely tucked up in bed, none the worse for wear ( unlike his mummy & daddy!) and says to everyone, chill dudes see ya tomorrow!

Little Leon is chilling on the settee nudging Daddy in the ribs with his feet when he wants attention!  Mummy is getting over her ride in an ambulance and drinking lots of herbal tea to calm her down.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Great Gran gets a visit from Little Leon

Today Little Leon went to see his Great Gran who lives at the seaside!  This was the first time she has seen Leon, she thinks he is a little smasher!
Little Leon tickling Great Grans chin

This little thumb is tasty!

Great Gran laughing at Little Leons jokes.....
There is a picture of Great Grandad behind Leon when he was in the Navy a long long time ago, sadly he isnt with us any more, but Mummy thinks he would be happy with Little Leon just like Gran is!

Look Gran if you really try hard you can get both hands in at the same time

Look heres Gramma, Mummy trying to grab my hand so I wiggled on Great Grans knee!

Wiggle it, just a little bit!

Four generations in one room

Little Leon decides its food time and lets mummy know!
Woo what a fun day, Little Leon and both the Grammas and Grandad took Mummy and Daddy to the local pub for a meal and a story from Great Gran about when she was a lass in Lancashire and her little boy had been poorly with his appendix....... woo she tells a good yarn but it seems to go on for ages so Little Leon fell asleepi in the chair next to Great Gran!  and she still kept talking!

Leon has had a long day and is very tired, he loved meeting Great Gran and is looking forward to visiting again.  But for now he is taking it easy.....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hello Laydees!

On Monday Little Leon visited his laydees in the hospital.  Dr Elspeth gave him a good scanning, ooh er missus! and decided that there is a little bit of deterioration and wants to discuss him with the Big Cheese who is going to do his operation to try and find a date to invite him to stay.  When little Leon was chatting with his Granddad, he found out that it was the Big Cheese who fixed Granddads heart 20 years ago!  Wow what a co incidence! This made little Leon proud to think that he is keeping it in the family so to speak.
Little Leon spruces himself up for the laydees!
Little Leon took his Mummy and Daddy to the new Trinity Walk for a look round and see if there were any bargains in Debenhams, no bargains but they did have a coffee in Costa, Mummy loves Costa, and as she was feeling a bit down, he treated her to a Banana and Pecan loaf as well!   While Mummy was in the cue Daddy started to tickle Little Leon, Mummy took this photo when she came back, Little Leon was laughing and laughing.  This made Mummy and Daddy very happy, because they are quite worried about Little Leon having a poorly heart.

Daddy tickled Little Leon and he couldn't get away!
Little Leon has been trying different types of food, he likes carrots best so far, not sure about the sweet potato!  He sneezed porridge all over Mummy! Poor Mummy had to have a wash! He has a new seat to sit in, Mummy says its a great table for playing with toys as well.

Little Leon checking out the craft table!

And so we carry on waiting to hear from the Big Cheese about when Little Leon gets his invite to stay with the laydees, so far so good and Little Leon will carry on wiggling and giggling in the meantime!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sitting me!

Little Leon has started trying out a bit of food. His Mummy and Daddy were finding it a little bit difficult to get the spoon in while he was wiggling about so they went out and bought him a proper big boy chair with a table so he can share bits of Daddys tea!  Mummy being a creative type thinks it will make a great play table as well!

High chair me! Caterpillar likes the table!

Little Leon trying out his munching skills on his plastic rings!

Mmmm Carrot....

mmmm give me more carrot.....

Today Leon is at home looking after his Mummy because her head is poorly again and she falls over if she is not careful.  The doctor has given some more magic potion which hopefully should help with the dizziness and the depression.  If not Little Leon suggests it is a trip to the tower and off with her head!  But then Mummy would look a bit silly wondering round with her head tucked underneath her arm!

Little Leon is also playing with Prince the guard dog, he knows his name is Prince because it is embroidered on his paw!

Practising wrestling with Prince
Prince was an abandoned puppy who was left in Daddys pub lots of years ago, Mummy took him in and gave him food and cuddles and hoped that his owner would come back to collect him, but he has been with Mummy and Daddy for nearly ten years, Prince didnt think he would have a little playmate ever again untill Little Leon arrived, and now they are best pals.  Prince also looks after the cotbed gang and lets them know if there are any strangers hanging about so they can hide!!

Well now Little Leon is snoozing, Mummy is about to make lunch and Daddy is at work waiting for home time.....

More adventures soon