Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Little Leon meets Katie Bear and helps with Fundraising...

On Monday Little Leon noticed a post from the CHSF on Facebook asking for boys and girls to come and see Katie Bear, he said to Mummy, can we go tomorrow?   Well Little Leon really wanted to meet Katie and Mummy said if the weather was ok she would take him to Leeds in the Volvo chariot.
So Tuesday came, Mummy packed Leons bag with some snacks, milky, water and a change of clothes, (just in case he jumped into a watering can like he does at Grammas house!).  Off they set. 
When they arrived Mummy and Leon had a coffee, well Mummy did, Leon had woken her up early because he was excited and didnt go back to sleepy.  So a Costa it was.   Niomi arrived with her family and then Myraim, Matilde and Margeaux, Jacob and his Daddy arrived too. 

Katie Bear, Leon and his heart friends

So over to the Childrens Heart Surgery Fund office they went, Sharon said they wanted to do Fund raising Fridays so, Katie wanted some handsome photographs with her heart friends to promote her cause.   Leon and his buddies lined up with Katie and Angela took some lovely photographs, Mummy stood behind her and took a few snaps of her own.  
Can you see Katies cardboard cut out peeping at the back?
Woo Katie what soft fur you have!

Little Leon sneaked onto Katies knee, Katie gave Leon a lovely hug and he says woo, what soft fur you have, all the better for hugging with she said, what big paws you have, all the better for keeping you safe with. Wooo! Leon gave Katie bear a beeeg hug and then everyone else wanted to jump on her knee and give her hugs too.
Little Leon is wondering when he can get at the buns..
All too soon the fun was over, but Angela had a suprise for the heart buddies, she has brought some lovely buns for them to share to say Thankyou for coming, Katie had to go home too, it was porridge time for hungry bears and her Mummy would be waiting with a large bowl and a wooden spoon so she could eat it all up.
Shake shake shake........ put your Daddys change in here!
Leon popped into the office and helped Margeaux come inside too.  She is lovely and looked after Leon very well. so well that he didnt drop his bun!
So, after the excitement of the photo shoot..... Little Leon treated Mummy to a trip to Paperchase so she could get some supplies for her project.  Mummy settled Leon in his Volvo chariot for the trip home and he decided to have a bit of a sleepy and catch up on what he missed by getting up early.
All this attention has worn me out ZZZZzzzzz
So watch out for the paper on Friday 31st August, Little Leon, Katie and his heart friends are raising funds for the CHSF.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Little Leon has been busy having fun....

Little Leon has been busy having fun since he got better from having a rather nasty virus.  He was soooo generous, he passed it onto Daddy, who was also very poorly!

When Leon was soooo poorly in Leeds with his heart, there was a lovely nursey laydee who looked after him and Mummy and Daddy, a no nonsense, tell it like it is and comfort where its needed nursey laydee.  Steph has been nominated for a Best of Health award by her little charges and their Mummys and Daddys.  Leon says hes really pleased and is going in to give her a hug next time he visits..... he might have to hug the other nursey laydees too, he doesnt want them to feel left out........

On Thursday Little Leon was with Mummy playing in the garden, when Margaret his next door neighbour peeped over the wall and said she had a surprise for Leon......  Well, off she went to her cellar and came back with a new car for Leon....... Woo, its a little Coupe, originally it was her Granddaughters, then her Great Grandsons and she wants Little Leon to look after it and keep it on the road for a bit longer.

Woo, Mummy nearly cried and Leon was whooping with joy, in fact he couldnt wait for Mummy to give it a wash, he jumped straight in!  Bruuum, Bruuuum all around the garden.......

Wooooo Hoooooo! myown wheels!
So around and around the garden he went with Mummy pushing and trying to keep out of the way when he mastered the art of going backwards!  On the back is a little shelf that will fit Noel rather snugly, so when Leon goes crusing, Noel can join him for another adventure.....  Later, when Daddy got home from work he took Leon to the park, Leon says its because Daddy likes playing on the swings and spinney thingy......
It needs petrol? Really.. Daddy go get your wallet!
Laydees, I have my own wheels now....

Little Leon also visited Gramma today, she made a lovely lunch of spag bol and sausages, Leon ate lots of it.... nom, nom, nom......
Then he went out to play with his cousins, Jas and Cara, they ran round and round Grammas garden wearing Grandad out!  He said he was going to need a lay down once everyone had gone home!
Rocking with the laydees!

Sometimes when Daddy gets home from work he is a bit tired, so Leon sits him down on the settee and reads him a story, this is the story of Thomas the Tank engine...... Daddy likes Thomas stories.

if you press here it goes chooo choooo!

Mummy and Little Leon sending love to Sara :)

Friday, 10 August 2012

Little Leon is poorly again...

Poor Little Leon is poorly again... Being very sick and very hot again... Mummy's not keen on the phrase Hyperpyrexic it means bloody hot!

Leon is hoping its just another bit of the virus , or it's another one.....

That's the reality of having a kazoo with a run down immune system.. Mr germ is going to come knocking whenever he spots an opportunity!

Mr Calpol and Mr Ibruprofen to the rescue!!!!

So keep your fingers crossed folks, Little Leon wants to feel well again very soon!