Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Monday, 25 April 2011

Little Leon does Hula dancing for Easter!

Woo what a busy week Little Leon has had!

He visited his Laydees at the hospital and gave Judith his named nurse extra nice cuddles for Easter!  Mummy and Daddy spoke to the big cheese, who used a plastic heart to explain how he was going to repair Little Leons heart, it fell apart and dropped on the floor! Mummy and Daddy are hoping that its just the plastic model he drops on the day! So now they know what to expect, which is quite worrying and very serious, but good at the same time, because that means it is a problem that can be repaired!  So in few months Little Leon is going to pack his bag with new pyjamas and toys, Noel will pack his bag and go and stay with the laydees for a while. 

Because Little Leon isnt able to eat chocolate the Easter Bunny suggested to Mummy that she buy Leon a special present.  So she went out and bought him a Hula girl.
Leon does the Hula!

Little Leon laughed and wiggled and the Hula girl wiggles and jingles and they both wiggle and laugh and jungle together!  When Little Leon has finished wiggleing and jiggling with the Hula girl he is going to give it to his Uncle Eddi who drives a truck so he can put it on his dashboard and have the opportunity to wiggle and giggle on long journeys!
A rare photograph of the Easter Bunny delivering Daddys egg!
Because Daddys can have chocolate the Easter Bunny arrived with a Green and Blacks Dark chocolate egg! Yummy said Daddy and opened the box.........!

On Saturday Leon went to a Birthday partaay, Mummy and Daddy had a great time and it was a good opportunity to see some friends and not be worried about Little Leon for a while.
Little Leon in his tuxedo bib!
And so, Little Leon carries on Hula dancing into the night while Mummy and Daddy have a rest. Noel is having a house partaay!  and I am sure we will all want to join him for that soon.......

Monday, 18 April 2011

Hey everyone... Noel has arrived! Just in the nick of time too!!

Noels Here!!!!  Yay!!

After being fostered by Auntie Janet for a while and eating her out of hunny and pawridge!  Noel decided that he had adjusted to living in a new country long enough and wanted to come and meet Little Leon.  Auntie Janet took some time off work and with the help of Cousin Graham tucked  Noel up in the car and brought him to Nanas house.  Auntie Janet said she had to bring him as a little bear hitch hiking down the M62 with his belongings in a paper bag  was dangerous and Noel not being a local bear may have ended up just anywhere!   
Noel arrives at Little Leons pad
After the adventure Noel has had to get here being lost isnt a good idea! First Mummy adopted him from Jenny, Jenny then took him to the hotel Richard was staying in, he brought him back on a flight from America in a seat of his own, then Auntie Janet fostered him until he got used to living in a a new country.  Now here he is at Leons pad!

Its a big bag for a passport and card!
Noel travels light and has brought his passport and a card for Little Leon.  Mummy has found a back pack for Noel to put his stuff in it will last much longer than a paper bag! .  Fortunately the Cotbed gang have a fur brush and plenty to eat!  Noel says he thinks he is going to enjoy himself a lot with Little Leon and the Cotbed gang!

Little Leon and Noel meet for the first time
Little Leon was very excited to meet Noel, He gave Auntie Janet big hugs for looking after his new friend.  Auntie Janet of course said she would look after them both any time if she can have more hugs!

Its all too much excitement for Leon so he has a nap

Noel tickles Leons foot to try and wake him up!  

So Noel arrives just in the nick of time, because on Tuesday Little Leon has an appointment with the Big Cheese who is going to perform his operation.  He wants Noel to go with him and show him he has had the same operation and how well he is.He has travelled from America to be with Little Leon and wants tell the Big Cheese this!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Pirates Ahoy! Aggghhhh me hearties!

Ahoy ship mates.......

Little Leon has a new friend!!   Gramma went to Ambleside for a holiday and found a Pirate Captain!  No not Jack Sparrow......   Captain Calamari.....

Little Leon shakes tentacles with Captain Calamari
The Captain was invited to stay with Little Leon and the Cot bed gang.  The captain says he can turn it into a super ship, and sail the seven seas to dream land where little Leon and the cot bed gang can be warm and safe while waiting for Little Leons operation.

Leon and the Captain, say aagggbbbbb!
Little Leon was listening to Captain Calamari's tales of the seven seas, what fun he had, little Leon laughed and laughed, he wants to be a pirate.  Not a scary one, a happy one, has anyone got a compass he can borrow?

All storied out!
After a while Little Leon fell asleep and the captain watched over him until he woke up again.   Little Leon was dreaming of a new heart, so he can dazzle the ladies, play cricket with his Daddy and help Mummy in the garden and bake Jam Bunz for Grandad.

Woo! me and the Captain making plans!
And so we still wait for  a date for the operation, in the meantime Little Leon will sail and dream with the captain, Noel and the Cotbed gang!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Yipee! No sleeps till Gramma comes home!

Today Little Leon met his Gramma from far away for the first time!

Mummy got him washed and dressed and packed his pram with the groceries that Gramma and Grandad needed to have some yummy dinner. The plan was to walk to Grammas house and make her breakfast of tea and croissants to come home to!
Leon takes his Gramma flowers from Mummy s garden
Before they set off to walk to Grammas house, Leon gets his Mummy to pick some flowers out of her garden, Gramma likes flowers.  When they got to Grammas house, they were already there, the aeroplane landed early!

Gramma and Little Leon
Gramma was very pleased that Little Leon had called round as a surprise, She had been waiting to meet him for a long time.  she brought him lots of lovely presents and a balloon for his Daddy to blow up with some helium later.

Leon shakes hands with Gramma!
Gramma and Little Leon are planning lots of adventures, which probably will involve eating cake and some shopping.  Gramma is having an early night to catch up on her sleep so she can cuddle Leon more and catch him up with all the gossip from far away!