Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A big Weekend and A Great Man Retires!

Well, after a fab birthday with loads of super presents, Little Leon decided he better take Mummy & daddy out today, So he packed up the Moo's, Mini Moos, Mama Moo, Not a cow, and headed into the big City of Leeds.  He took mummy a daddy for a coffee, He likes his mini Cappuccinos!

Of Course you can;t have coffee without cake, so, cake was had! and it was yummy!

Now as luck happens, just outside the coffee shop the wonderful Ruby Macintosh was performing some quite simply splendid christmas songs, Little Leon has decided he likes Ruby, which is good because daddy does too! He says you should check out her website and buy her new album! http://www.rubymacintosh.com/

Ruby Macintosh, live at the Hop!

After to coffee it was on the the main order of the days entertainment, The CHSF Christmas Carol Concert which was combined with a celebration of the retirement of Mr Kevin Watterson.

The concert itself was a fine affair, various choirs assembled and gave us some cracking entertainment, probably the highlight being the Snowflakes signing choir. This was co-ordinated by one of Leons heart Buddies Lyall's mummies, As the name suggests it was a combination of signing and singing by a group of children that all face their own challenges, and I dare say there were a few tears shed during their performance.

Now, I often despair in the youth of today, they don't often get good press and, to be honest they don't help themselves a lot of the time, but, today, 3 young people helped restore some of that faith.

Firstly, young Ebony,

Not only is one of Leons heart buddies, but she has had a lot of other things to contend with over the last year or so and has a bit of a rough time  (err bit of an understatement there), but today Ebony got up in front of several hunderd people and gave a reading. Take it from some-one who has done, that is no easy thing to do, and for one so young took a lot of courage, but she took it in her stride and did everyone proud.

2. Joe Barry and  3. Kimberley Botham

Joe & Kim with Mr Watterson
Joe Barry, well what can you say. I've not known Joe long but I quite honestly say he is one of the most remarkable young men i have come across. He first came to my attention during the great SOS campaign where he spoke eloquently and passionately in defence of the Surgery team at LGI. To see Joe here today was nothing short of remarkable given he underwent Open Heart Surgery only a couple of weeks ago, what a guy! He is thoughtful, polite and a real credit to his family.

Kimberley Botham:- The lovely Kim, I;m sure Little Leon has a soft spot for Kim as he kept trying to run to her all afternoon. Kim gives us hope, hope for the future for Leon, for not only is Kim kicking CHD's butt, but she has qualified as, and works as a teacher, showing us, that no matter what your condition, with dedication and Hard work, you can succeed in whatever you try.  Kim also likes to party, so at;s a big two fingers up to CHD, and away we go..

If Leon grows up with the qualities of these three "young 'uns" have shown. then we shall be happy parents.

And to the main event. The retirement of Kevin Watterson.

What can I say. A man that have saved and given life to both my Father and my Son, a quiet man, a humble man, a dedicated man. How do you say thank you to man like this. Well, we did, and have several times, and as someone else said, if we were to say thankyou to him every day of our lives it still wouldn't be enough. All we can do is wish him well in his retirement, he has recently discovered he is to become a grandfather, so, he has a new job, one he will be as great in as his last one i am sure, and he takes the best wishes of hundreds upon hundreds of grateful parents, grandparents and children with him.

So Little Leon gave Kevin a present, hopefully one that Kevin will appreciate the Irony of, because you always have to keep in practise! We said our thanks (again), passed on my dads best wishes as well and left kevin to his adoring fans. I kid you not, it was like a meet and greet for a pop star!

By now little Leon was all tired out, so we made our way home, Leon was asleep after about 30 seconds in the car, and has now retired to bed, recharging his batteries, for he has to meet the Lovely dr Brown tomorrow for his MOT, and will be calling in to see all his nursey laaaaydeees to stock up on some hug time.

So, it's night night from Little Leon and sheee you shooon!

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