Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Friday, 6 December 2013

Little Leon Is Three!

Well, That's when it all started, on a very very cold Tuesday three years ago. Little did we know what a ride it was going to be. Sheer Joy to your worst nightmare in the space of 24 hours and to all points in between in the last three years. 

I'm not sure what you women complain about when it comes to labour, at least you get a bed, I was stood up for the best part of 7 hours, mind you I did nip outside for a bit to say congratulations to my friend who coincidentally was there at the arrival of his youngest son on the same day, so a Happy Birthday to Ethan as well!

Birthdays are about celebrating, particularly the celebration of a life. Leon for one so young has been through so much, but (nearly) always does it with a cheeky smile and a hug.

He has a soft spot for the laaydees, especially nurses, maybe that's why he doesn't complain about his (all too frequent) visits to hospital. 
That said we have been lucky (!!), we have met new friends that we probably would not have met, and have certainly gained a different perspective on things as well. We try and live life as close to normal as possible, easier said than done at times, but i think we do ok.

Helens work took her away from home pretty much every other week, so it was left to me and the the little dude to amuse ourselves, always a recipe for trouble that!. I don't know if i;ve been a "good" dad or not, I hope I have, i;ve done my best and that's all any parent can do. Helen is looking for a change of Job so she can stop us getting into trouble, so if anyone is looking for an OT, leave us a message!!!

As Leon has got older he has certainly developed his own personality, somewhere between a Just william and Just a Gigolo!  He's a bit behind developmentally, but, hey, if i'd been through what he had, so would I.
He'll catch up i;m sure, but if he doesn't so be it, as long as he's happy i really don't care.

Leon Loves spending time with both sets of Grandparents, Knitting Nana (Helens Mother) spoils him by cooking his dinner most Sundays, where he goes to see his Cousins Jasmine & Cara, and  he teases my dad by waiting until he is just about to nod off and going WAKE UP!!! poor Grandad....

Is It Leon or is it Daddy?

We have even managed to squeeze in a couple of Holidays. Leon loves the Sun, the Sand, The pool, the Girls (or is that daddy....) Err, ....

Life is for living, Leon has taught us that much, not that we didn't already know that, but sometimes you need something to come along and make you realise that it is, and they are not just words. 

Leon:- Daddy carry the bucket.
Daddy:- No you carry the bucket
Leon:- But daddy....
Daddy, No, you wanted it, you carry it!
Leon:- But daddy your the bestest bucket carrier in the world
Daddy:- **sighs**

So, as Three years have passed, both very quickly and agonisingly slowly at times, we look forward to many more birthdays, more parties, more holidays, more time just doing stuff. For those that have been with on the ride, buckle up! we aint done yet!

“One must simply take the days of their lives as they happen. If you spend time worrying over what is to come, which may or may not happen, then you will only be wasting precious days you will wish in the future you could have cherished a bit longer.” 

― R.J. GonzalesMundahlia

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Thomas Mum. said...

Happy Birthday Leon :D you certainly are daddys mini me in that pic. xxx happy birthday little fella x