Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Little Leon has a Just Giving page!


Little Leons Mummy has been busy making hearts and Christmas squares to sell so she can help Little Leon raise some money so Santa can visit the Little Heart Babies in hospital on Christmas day.


If you would like to donate, please go to his just giving page, or if you would like to order Christmas hearts and squares please contact Little Leons Mummy.

Filled with Lavender they smell lovely!

Hand beaded they are all different!

The penguin and the pudding are sold!

Ding dong!

Special squares from Noel!
Little Leon and his Mummy are asking a donation of £1 for hearts and £2  for squares as they are all hand decorated!

A very special surprise is coming soon from Noel!

Little Leon is watching the Rugby with Daddy today.  Daddy is telling him all about it.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Introducing...... Francois (and Mimi)

Francois and his little pal Mimi, are Little Leon's Culture and style gurus in the Cot Bed Gang

Imagine if you can a cross between Pepe Le Pew and Jean Reno and you'll get the idea.

(as an aside Little Leon was named partly due to the above film!)

Francois hails from Paris, That's Paris France, not Paris Texas

This is not Paris France!!

Prior to joining the Cot Bed Gang, Francois frequented the trendy fashionable areas of Paris, such as the Marais, Bastille & Montparnasse areas, hanging out in cafe bars, reading Voltaire and drinking unfeasibly strong coffee in the day and (mummy's favourite) Absinthe by night whilst listening to sleazy jazz or moving on to the chic nightclubs to see Jacque Dutronc or some other style icon of his day.

One of Francois' old hang outs

Mummy is partial to a glass of Absinthe, she says it causes time travel.... You'll have to ask her for details.

(Remember folks drink responsibly!)

Francois has a unique style, the sort that is somehow out of style, but curiously in style, Vogue without being commonplace, you know that annoying way that only the French seem to do well.

In the gang Francois is the one that will always turn up late (only a couple of minutes or so) but everyone always waits, he is usually quiet, but when he speaks everyone listens, really just the epitome of cool, Little Leon likes Francois a lot, He is trying to follow his lead, and it seems to be working, cool and cute are Leon's bywords.
Little Leon is really looking forward to Francois & Mimi showing him the haunts of Paris, but he will have to wait until he's a little bit older, as Paris is a lively place and Leon will need to build up his strength first.

Francois has many tales to tell, more will follow later.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Little Leon loves Dreamtime.........

Little Leon loves his Tuesday mornings with Sarah and the other ladies and babies at Dreamtime Baby Massage.

Sarah welcomes Little Leon and his friends with a big smile and sends them into her beautiful massage room downstairs, Little Leon loves this because she has little lights, lanterns and stars on the ceiling! Its always warm and cosy with little mats to lay on.  Sarah says bring a couple of towels to make it even more comfortable!
Leah Derry
Sarah and her welcoming smiles

So Little Leon sits on his towels and Sarah sings 'Babies are born in the circle of the Sun..' walking round with a bubble machine that Little Leon and his friends  pop with their hands and feet!  Then they dance!  Mummys sing and the little ones have a fine old time!

Then, they do some massage working on legs and feet, hands and the body. Sarah uses plain oil or special Dreamtime blend to help with relaxation.  Little Leon loves to relax!
Wooo ticklish feet!
Sarah started Dreamtime twelve years ago and trained with Peter Walker who is a leading expert in baby massage and movement and is a founder of the active birth centre in London.  Sarah runs weekly classes for Baby Massage, Little Wigglers and new in October, Baby signing!  Little Leon is as excited as his Mummy to hear that, she might even impress Sarah with her version of Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer!
There were three in a bed...
There are many benefits to baby massage, Little Leon started going when he was five weeks old, it helped his Mummy gain confidence with holding and moving him.  Touch is very important to babies and children, you feel closer to your baby, less stressed, babies sleep a little bit better, it helps with colic and evacuating bowels and wee!  Little Leon is more confident and loves to sing and jig to the songs, he loves bubbles and rolling the balls to his little friends.

Little Leon relaxes on the way home from baby massage!
There are benefits for Mummys (Grannys, Daddys, Aunties and anyone else who visits with the little ones!), Sarah has lovely tea and yummy cake or biscuits!  Little Leons Mummy enjoys going because when she is feeling sad, Sarah and the other Mummys cheer her up!

Sarah also has a raffle every week for a Georgian Choir called Shavnabada she supports, they are touring the UK in October this year, she has some very special friends, Little Leon has a friend from Georgia called Davit, he is artistic director and fan of Little Leon, Little Leon hopes he will come and sing with the Mummys and Sarah when he visits.   http://www.northerngeorgiansociety.co.uk/shavnabada  Mummy and Little Leon have won the raffle a few times and  Little Leon gets lovely little presents!

So if you live in Wakefield and the surrounding area, give Sarah a call, you really dont know what you are missing its so much fun!!

 Sarah 01924 276250


Monday, 5 September 2011

Little Leon goes to the park with Daddy and Mummy and Mummy finds a new friend

Little Leon has taken Daddy to the park, he had him push him on the swings, go round and round and round the roundabout, Mummy cant do roundabouts they make her head spinney!

push me higher!
Little Leon took Daddy to the local swings, Mummy thought he would fall out, but he didnt and wanted to be pushed higher and higher!

Daddy pushed and pushed and Little Leon went weeeeeee on the big swings!  Then he had Daddy run round to the roundabout!  Mummy pushed and Daddy went round and round..

Little Leon looking a little pensive because Mummy pushed really hard!
There are big roundabouts, little roundabouts, roundabouts with swings, roundabouts with horses, wooo alll kinds of roundabouts!!  

Little Leon trys the slide.... much nicer...
So up on to the slide he went, ready steady weeeee! and down he came, its a good think Daddy caught him at the botton or he would have shot right off the end and flown over the trees!  Just like Superman!

Daddy says my hat looks like I have an onion on my head..
Mummy tried Little Leons hat on his head.  She thought it looked very nice but Daddy said it looked like he had an onion on his head!  Still Little Leon thinks it will keep his head warm when he goes out and he can hide under the hood of his chariot!

Little Leons Mummy has met Carren another heart Mum, who's little girl went to live as an angel.  She had heart problems like Little leon and feeding problems, her Mummy has set up a wonderful foundation in Lagan's memory called Lagan's Foundation.  They are providing help and support for children under the age of 5 diagnosed with congenital heart defects and or feeding problems.  http://www.lagans.org.uk/  They are looking for volunteers to help but also sponsors and supporters, its a lovely website very colourful and full of information.  Have a look and say Hi to Carren, she will be very pleased to hear from you.  They are still constructing it, but its certainly worth popping back to say hi :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Introducing.......Artha and Martha

Artha and Martha came to live with Little Leon and The Cot Bed Gang at Easter 2011.  They heard about the gang from Mummy when she visited where they lived.  The Pumpkin Patch in Leeds.  She told them how much fun they had and how they helped Little Leon while he was waiting for his operation.

Artha and Martha are brother and sister 
Artha and Martha are sister and brother, knitted in lovely cream coloured wool, Martha has a lovely pink dress and ribbon and Artha has a pair of short dungarees.

I like swimming and eating mint humbugs
They are very kind bears and have very nice snuggles when you are feeling poorly, they go nearly everywhere together, so when you are booking the theatre you  always need two tickets sitting together.  Artha likes to go swimming and loves mint humbugs, which Mummy has a large supply of due to the fact that Granddad has usually got a pocket full!

Matha likes snuggling and candy floss
During the day they snooze with the other bears in the Cot Bed, then at night, when Little Leon is asleep, they catch the bear bus into town, with the others and meet up with friends and eat pizza and drink dandelion and burdock.  Then they come back as the sun rises ready for another day of playing with Little Leon and snoozing to recharge before more adventures!  

Soon they will be joining the other bears, rabbits, cats and even a mouse, and have a pic nic in the garden, Artha and Martha say if you squish your eyes shut and wish beary hard, the sun will shine and you can have your own pic nic as well!!

More from Leon and the gang soon!

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Adventures of Little Leon and Noel: Little Leon visits the Baby Show in Manchester!

The Adventures of Little Leon and Noel: Little Leon visits the Baby Show in Manchester!: Today Little Leon took Mummy to look around the Baby Show in Manchester. First they dropped Daddy off at work, then Mummy took the Volvo ch...

Little Leon visits the Baby Show in Manchester!

Today Little Leon took Mummy to look around the Baby Show in Manchester.  First they dropped Daddy off at work, then Mummy took the Volvo chariot to Manchester, the long way round because she missed the turning , despite the satnav shouting bear left!   What are bears doing on the M60???

Woo a pink Ballooon!
Little Leon was given a pink balloon, he played with it a while and then told Mummy that pink was for girls and popped it!  This took him by surprise and he was looking under the table to see if it had gone under there!

Pink is for girls
Mummy pushed Little Leon around as his personal driver, she met Ellas Dad Paul, he designed Ellas Pouches for his little girl so she could have more interesting food.  Then he was very kind and asked Little Leon what flavour he liked and gave him a strawberry smoothie pouch for the journey around the show.

Leons picture for the Baby Show competition
Mummy amazed Little Leon by entering him in the Baby Show competition, she ruffled his hair and straightened his shirt and said look cute little boy, so he did.  There were other Mummys there primping and grooming their little ones, but Mummy said what you see is what you get with my little kazoo!

My Mummy and me!
So then, Little Leon had a surprise for Mummy, he entered her in a Yummy Mummy competition, well it only seemed fair as she had done the same to him!  Mummy could win a makeover, but Little Leon likes the old Mummy best!

Picture for Daddys desk at work
So Little Leon sat on the mat and the nice man took a photograph for Daddys desk at work as well. Mummy was looking around and found a few bargains that would be most useful, plus she gets to try out a new educational toy with Little Leon, but more of that later.

Woo look who it is.. Tatty Teddy!
As Mummy was driving Little Leon around she spotted her hero, Tatty Teddy, he came over and gave her a hug and snuggled Little Leon into his fur, then he was happy to pose for a picture, he is an honorary   member of the Cot Bed gang, mostly due to the fact he would break the springs if he got in with Noel and the Gang!

After a very long day Little Leon slept all the way home in the Volvo chariot, even sleeping through picking Daddy up from work!  Now he is tucked up in bed with Mr Snuggles and Noel, recharging for fun with Daddy at the weekend.