Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Little Leon opens a Workshop!

Hello everyone !

Little Leon and his Mummy have been very busy lateley, Leon has been very busy playing and learning, Mummy has been reaserching and looking for a workshop......

Little Leon, boy at C&A!
Mummy was very lucky and found a lovely workspace very close to where she and Little Leon live.  There will be a special place for him to play and help make lovely things.  Mummy will work on the website and put up some wonderful bespoke handbag using techniques such as couching, beading, trapunto quilting, and lots more things she would like to try out.   

So from the 1st of June Little Leon and Mummy with the assistance of Daddy will be working from a proper workspace.  Woooo they are soooo excited!

Leon having fun with Cow and Mini Moo!
Well the weather has improved and The coupe has come out of the garage, Little Leon regularly rides Cow, Moo and Charlie Bear around the garden.   Beep Beeping for Mummy to come out and push him when he gets tired!

MMMM Bixits?  dont mind if I do!

So Lots of work to be done, lots of picutres to show you of Mummys work and Little Leon with his Made by Me collection!  Rumour has it there may be a range of Christmas cards made by Leon.... who know what creative dreams he is having as he snoozes with the cot bed gang!

Shee you shoon as Little Leon says xxxx

PS.  Little Leon says Hi to his Daddys Rugby pals, see you at Belle Vue soon boys!

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