Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Little Leon goes shopping....

Little Leon has had an adventure!  Mummy needed to go and get some shopping, so she put Little Leon in his Volvo chariot and drove to the ASDA.  When she got there there were no trolleys available to put Little Leons car seat on, so she thought that she would try him in a trolley!

This is my shopping face....
Mummy put a blanket over the seat to make it more comfortable for Leon.  This is his shopping face, Mummy thinks he is resigned to the fact he is going to have to ride round the ASDA looking for Daddys tea!

So, where are the breaks then?
So in he jumped for his first trolley ride, where are the breaks then?  how does it go....who stole the engine?

not sure about this it hasnt got any toys on it..
So there Little Leon was, stuck outside the ASDA, no engine, no breaks, no toys dangling to play with, little legs stuck through the holes......not sure that he thinks much to the shopping trolley!

Really? other kids ride these?
So, we ride round in the trolley, Mummy collects food and goodies, puts them in the trolley, then Little Leon, when his arms get longer can sweep the shelves.....mmmmm, Little Leon likes that idea very much!  It has potential this trolley riding lark.

Push me Daddy... Pllleeeeaassseee, plleeaassee, please!!

So, Daddy pushed, Mummy shopped, Little Leon laughed, and laughed and gave Angie a huge smile as a treat for helping with the shopping.  Little Leon loved his first ride in a shopping trolley.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Little Leon introduces....... Mr Snuggles......

They call me Mr Snuggles!
Name: Mr Snuggles
Occupation : Snuggler and Little Leons body guard
Hobbies: Escapology and embroidery......

On Guard....
Originally from Australia, Mr Snuggles is a Flat out bear made from very soft sheepskin, which Little Leon loves to stroke because he likes the texture .  (but dont tell anyone it will ruin his hard bear image!).    He arrived to help Little Leon, Noel and the Cot Bed Gang deal with the paparazzi !

Mr Snuggles waits for T time!
Why is he a flat bear?  Well Mr Snuggles is flat so he can post himself through letter boxes and open the doors to let the bears out to parrtaay, so if you find your bears are not in the place you left them and there are little paw marks in your hall way......... Mr Snuggles has been to call!

Looking this cute takes work!
Mr Snuggles is an important member of the Cot Bed Gang, not only does he let them out to partaay he keeps a look out for the take out man, they deliver a different take out every night, they take it in turns to choose which one they will have.  Well you wouldnt expect them to keep their figures by eating lettuce would you! 

Also where we live there is a bear bus, cunningly disguised as a green camper van with rescued bears looking out of the windows.  They collect bears and other snugglers from all over the town and take them where ever they want to go..... and bring them back again before anyone wakes up and notices they are off partying!

Tonight Mr Snuggles is looking after Little Leon and making sure that he gets enough cuteness sleep before the usual 6am baby monitor karaoke!

There you just thought your bears sat on shelves and looked cute didnt you!  There is a whole hidden world out there, that only a few people can see!!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Little Leon goes on a pic nic.....

Last Sunday Little Leon took Mummy and Daddy on a pic nic at Cannon Hall Farm with his NCT buddies. There was so much food that Little Leon and his buddies didnt know which box to open and rifle through first!
Looking for Mummy....
Everyone had a camera and kept pointing them all over, Little Leon got his mouth chopped off!! Daddy sometimes doesnt look through the viewfinder :)

Errr.... more practice needed.....

my chrisps, mine.....
Leon was feeling pretty laid back and was drinking a bottle of milkey as well as eating quiche !  the day after the pic nic he ate four slices for his tea!!

mmmm milkey.....
So much nice food was passed around and Little Leons friends helped themselves to it all, tuna sandwiches, crisps, pasties, samosas.  and carrot cake, oh that was soooo yummy!

So while all the Mummies and Daddies were chatting the buddies decided to play and show off their new walking and crawling skills to each other.  Leon is a little bit behind with his sitting practice because when he was operated on the surgeon had to cut through his chest muscles and they are very important in keeping you upright.  Hell soon catch up and show off next time. His buddies are doing so well and they have come along way in the past eight months. They are growing up sooo quckley.

The band played on in the background...
Its well worth a visit to Cannon hall, they have a shop and a petting zoo, Little Leon says he will take Mummy and Daddy back to look at the animals soon!

mmmm yum yum....

chatting with friends..

is there beer in that coolbox....

nap time!
Little Leon was so exhausted after showing off and eating all that quiche that he decided to snuggle in his blanket and have a nap.  Daddy held him tight so he wouldnt fall and off he went to snoozyland.

just checking the inside of my eyelids....

The class of 2010 all together 

Look one of us is crawling :)

Hello laydee!

 So on the way up the car park Little Leon decided to he might taste his pram......

Not as tasty as quiche.....

Ha ha fooled you.....

So a great time was had by all and the NCT buddies are all looking forward to meeting again and having fun!

Coming soon....... Introducing The Cot Bed Gang!!!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mr Snuggles has an adventure..... again!

Well, once again Little Leon, has had to go and find where Mr Snuggles has been hiding!

Mummy took Little Leon to lunch with her friend Judith, who she used to work at the hospital with, Judith thinks Leon is a smashing little boy and he smiled and smiled and smiled at her.

Then as she drove him home in his Volvo Chariot, she noticed that Debs car was outside her shop, Beautiful Nails so Mummy stopped to say hello with Little Leon.  Deb hasnt seen him since he had his operation, and he was very happy and laughed and laughed.  When Mummy put Little Leon in the car she thought she had Mr Snuggles as well, but Little Leon and Mr Snuggles had other ideas!  Mr Snuggles had sneaked back into the shop and laid himself under the counter!  Mummy didnt notice him do that and took Little Leon home.

Well, Little Leon settled down for his afternoon nap, where is Mr Snuggles?  Mummy looked all over, Oh no!  Hes gone again, so Mummy rang Deb, she said she had found him hiding and was now coiffuring  his paws and making sure that he wasnt sneaking anywhere else!  So once again Mummy set of to fetch Mr Snuggles, he was happy to see her.  His adventure at Debs shop had made him appreciate that he has lots of friends at home, Deb is lovely, but all her ladies chatter and Mr Snuggles couldnt fall to afternoon sleepi, in fact he couldnt fall asleepi without Little Leon either!  So they are now tucked up together in Little Leons chair.

Little Leon and Mr Snuggles afternoon sleepi

Time for tea Mr Snuggles

Bed time Mr Snuggles....
Little Leon has a new trick, he likes the remote control and switches the sound on and off, this puzzles Daddy and he thinks its the television that was broken! so Little leon plays on off on off on off on off on off on off on off on off....... 

Wooooo Hooooo!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Little Leon adventure boy

Hello again, Little Leon has told Mummy off for not updating his blog with his new adventures!  Mummy has had a poorly head again and looking at the computer makes her head spin and spin!

Little Leon had his operation six weeks ago today, he is improving every day.  Mummy is taking him back to see his friends at baby massage http://www.dreamtimebabymassage.co.uk/ there might be a few moves he cant do like rolling on his tummy, but he will be fine doing the singing and hand movements! Oh and not forgetting popping the bubbles.....

Little Leon is getting some sitting practice and showing Daddy how the Beaver squeeks!

Little Leon showing Daddy sitting practice!
Mummy has been to work for a couple of days to learn children handling for little boys and girls, and big ones, to keep them safe when they are doing their work at school and playing at home. She keeps practising  on Little Leon, it makes him tired because Mummy is so enthusiastic!

Little Leon falls asleep with Daddy after helping Mummy  with her homework!
Little Leon has got a new hat, he thinks he looks handsome, Daddy has a hat with Wildcats on it, but they dont do one  in Little Leons size.  So he wore it out today to meet his NCT friends. It was a little bit windy, but it kept his head warm.  He says the trouble is its a little bit big and he needs to grow his hair again to make it fit!  when he looks up it stays where it is and he cant see because it dropped over his eyes!!

My new hat 

Look I move my head and my hat stays where it is!!
Little Leon has been practising the art of formation sleeping with Prince again, you may remember that we know his name is Prince because it is embroidered on his paw! Prince hasn't got a dummy so he sticks his toungue out instead

The art of formation sleeping needs practice grasshopper...

So, Uncle Tony bought Little Leon a swing, Daddy spent last Sunday putting it up, he had never seen so many screws and nuts and brackety things... after a while and two cups of coffee he managed to put it together.  Little Leon sits in the swing and shouts Weeee! Weeee! again again, and Daddy has to push Little leon higher and higher, Little Leon laughs and laughs and laughs and then its Mummys turn and we start all over again!

Higher Daddy

Again, again Weeeeee!
Mummy is now feeling better, Daddy is back at work and looking after the ladies in the office and taking scones in for them. Mummy baked them specially!  Little Leon is playing in his swing and enjoying the sunshine with Mummy and is taking Daddy on a pic nic on Sunday with the NCT Mummies and Daddies, oh and including his chums, they will have fun while the Mummies and Daddies talk and eat food  maybe a glass of wine or two.....

Little Leon thinks Noel might like a pic nic as well so he will take lots of photographs and tell you all about it next week!