Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Noel sends a message.....

Hello, Hello? is this turned on.........  Ah here we are.......

Noel here, I dont often get to have a go on the pee cee, usually I order the take away for the cot bed gang from bear necessities.....  they only deal in growls, so we have to have a whip round, the rabbits are usually asking for extra carrots and the mousey wants cheeses on the pizzas!

Can you see my special heart??
Its been an amazing year, I flew on an Areoplane and moved from my home in New York to Normanton, Via Liverpool.

Looking after Little Leons snuggle blanket!
Little Leons Mummy adopted me from Jenny at Bummer bears, so Leon could have  a friend when he went into hospital, he was a very poorly little boy when I met him, he was soooo blue and his hands and feet were always cold.  Sometimes he couldnt drink all his milky because he would fall asleepy mid drinky....

Noel meets Little Leon
He is a lovely boy, he likes to snuggle my fur, its ok, I dont mind, as long as you dont tell everyone.....

This is me arriving with my ruck sac
I settled in well, the Cot bed gang were glad to have an international friend with different stories to tell.   We have lots of bear stories in the US.

Little Leon before we went to hospital
So I had a great time with Little Leon and the cot bed gang, we would go to bed and when Mummy and Daddy had gone to sleepy, we would play pirates, cowboys and bears, and going on a bear hunt, but without the scary ending!   They never know what we get up to!  The take away man sneaks out meals in with a magic key and we always clear away before Leon and Mummy wake up.   Thats how we keep our bear like figures!!

No suitcase for me, its a paper bag...
I travel light and when it was time for Little Leon to have his surgery, Mummy packed my surgeons outfit in my ruc sac and off we went to the hospital.  Ward 10 welcomed us on the 26th June, Leon, Mummy and me had a great night reading stories, looking at the stars and singing rhymes.  When Leon fell asleepy Mymmy and me sat and cuddled, she cried a bit because she was worried about the operation, but I gave her good big hugs.

Dr Noel attending!
So operation day arrived, I left Leon with Mr Watterson and went to sit on his bed and wait for him to come back, woo it took hours and hours, I had three kebabs while I was waiting.....  When he came back he was really poorly but was a lovely pink colour, Mummy and Daddy were very relieved to see him.

Me and my new family.....
This is a lovely portrait of Little Leon, Mummy Daddy and me, it was only two weeks after Little Leons surgery,  We have had so much fun since he came out of the hospital, I always go with him when he goes for a check up.  The nursey laydees are always pleased to see me too.
onk onk.. dats my dose.....
We love to have fun and Little Leon likes to pull my nose!

Dr Noel..... Xray of the heart 
This is me dressed as a surgeon, Mr Watterson might have needed an assistant and I wanted to be ready when he called!  

Looking after Little Leon

 Little Leon had a birthday party and naming ceremony in November, we all got spruced up and the family came and met us both, Leon was very popular of course, but I got my share of hugs as well.  Well I am irresistible!  I got dressed up for the occasion, this is me in my Tux.  Mummy and Daddy are very relieved that Leon is well, although he needs more surgery soon, we will both go through it together!
Just call me Bond.... Noel Bond.........
Of course I like my Hunny shaken not stirred, a bit like Leons milky. Mummy had ordered a cake and surprised us all with an amazing cake topper with Me and Leon on it made from icing.

Little Leon and me on his Birthday cake!

2011 has been both a difficult and fun year for us all.  The cot bed gang are going to keep looking after Leon when Mummy and Daddy are in bed.  Mummy goes back to work part time soon, so one of us is going to go with her and report back to Leon that she is alright. She says she will write postcards so he can see where she is working in the world.

2012 is going to bring its challenges as well, Little Leon needs more surgery, but not as complex as the first time, but all his friends who pray and send their positive thoughts and good wishes are going to get us through, Mummy and Daddy are feeling more positive and are looking forward to watching Leon grow stronger and have fun with his pals and little heart buddies.

Me, I am going to go for a holiday at Paw Ridge, its like a Holiday camp for bears!  Mummy prefers Centre Parcs, but I am going to give them both a try!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL    Little Leon and I are going to have lots more fun next year!  Watch this space!

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