Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Little Leon has a Beeg Beautiful Birthday Party and Naming Ceremony!

Saturday was Leons special day, he had a Birthday Party and Naming Ceremony. Woo what a fabulous day, he met lots of family and friends he didnt know before, they all thought he was fab and behaved himself very well....

Early in the morning he put his best trousers and waistcoat on and went with Mummy and Daddy to blow up ballons and sort out the tables.  Mummy had a beautiful cake made by her friend Michelle from Cakes by Michelle in Agrbrigg.

Little Leon and Noel on a cake!
There was a ceremony celebrating Little Leons name, Leon Edward Anthony Purdy, its a proud and strong name for a little boy with a poorly heart. 

Me and Mummy celebrating

The celebrant read a lovely service, and the supporting adults, Uncle Tony, Sarah, Jess and Manir all promised that they would look after Little Leon and guide him in his life, Uncle Tony is going to show him the best pubs to drink in and teach him to drive..... Mummy needs to have a chat with her little brother!

Auntie Nic reading a poem for me!

Auntie Nic, Jess and Sarah all read a poem or letter for Little Leon, Mummy read the poem that she wrote a couple of weeks ago, they all got a huge round of applause!

Auntie Sarah flicking through her book!

Auntie Sarh brought Leon a georgeous egg cup for his eggs and dippy soldiers, Mummy bought him a special wooden box for memories, so Little Leon can add to it as he is growing up.  Mummy had people write a wish on a card so he can keep them and look at them later. 

Auntie Jess wrote a letter for me, just me!
So all the family were there, they came from all over, some from further up North, Auntie Jess from down south, Uncle Manir from Bangladesh! Little Leon is so pleased that Uncle Manir is his supporting parent!  Big Cuz Debbie and her chap arrived, she brought a fabulous driving toy, and a book that makes noises, Mummy said you cant drive and read at the same time, but little Leon is going to have a go! brum lets go to the zoooo!

Sarah, Tony, Daddy, Mummy and Me, Jess and Manir
The food was yummy and there was lots of it, the cake was especially nice!

Noel gets spruced up for the occasion!
Even Noel got spruced up for the occasion, he says he is number one party bear, and now immortalised on cake!

Daddy auctions off Mummys hearts for the CHSF
Daddy, a born salesman! auctioned off the little hearts Mummy made for the Childrens Heart Surgery Fund, in total, so far, Little Leon has raised £250 for the little hearts at christmas!  Woo he is soooo pleased.

So that was Little Leons naming day, tomorrow he is one year old.  What a year it has been, he is looking forward to opening all his wonderful presents, all wrapped in lovely scrunchy paper to play with!  

Mummy is going to make a birthday tea and when Daddy gets home from work, Little Leon is going to show him how to play with his driving toy!

A big Thankyou to everyone who has supported Little Leon and Mummy and Daddy this year. Its been tough, its been funny, sad, scary but most of all filled with love!  

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Wat a wonderful day! An that is the finest cayke I hav ever seen! I luc that Noel is thare too!!!! Hehehee!