Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Little Leon says Goodbye to 2011 and Hellooooo to 2012!

Well Little Leon, Mummy and Daddy have been having a lovely week off.

Little Leon was feeling much better and went to visit his Gramma on Christmas eve for tea.  When he got home he went to sleepy with the story of the Night before Christmas read by Mummy.

Then, because he had been a good boy and a very special boy this year, Santa came to call.  Woo What lovely presents he brought.
Woo Daddy, whats in here?
Mummy had asked him to wrap some presents in tissue paper so he could unwrap them himself, he really got a lot of fun from the tissue paper!  Little Leon got a train, plane, fire engine, car, a garage to keep them in and  a box of musical instruments.  Auntie Janet got the prize for noisy toy, a spinney drum that plays Maccaraena fast if you spin it around...... Daddy really likes that!

Its an areoplane!
Well, you sprinkle some reindeer food on your front garden and look who turns up in your living room on Christmas morning! A baby rocking reindeer!!  He is going to stay with Little Leon until he grows up and can help Santa pull his sleigh!

Rock a hoola rock a hoola!
 Well, Santa had brought a lot of presents and Leon shared with Daddy and Mummy, Daddy was working out how to get the camera taking pictures. but little Leon knew which button to press!
woo hoo a camera, phone and a barn full of animals!!
Daddy and Little Leon had bought Mummy a wonderful mended heart necklace with a little Diamond as a patch, just like Leons.  Mummy had taken Leon for an underwater swimming photo shoot and Daddy got a framed picure of Leon chasing bubbles!! 

Little Leon took Mummy to the sales, and she got him some clothes with his christmas money, he is now the proud owner of an Elvis t-shirt and a Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt!  Daddy is also proud.....

He also went to party the afternoon away with his little heart friends at the Storyteller at Parkgate Rotherham.  Little Leons friends Jo and Andy run it and they said the little heart buddies could have a special Christmas party.

woo lots to eat!

Leon plays in the ball pool for the very first time.
Leon and Mummy also got to meet the lovely Lyall, Steph and Sharon, Mummy thinks Lyall is a super special little guy.

Look Mummy there is Daddy with the camera....again....
Steve played party games, the little heart buddies joined in, then someone special arrived after a long ride from the North Pole, with sandwiches and a flask sent by Mrs C!

uncle Steve...isit me or does Santa look a bit like Daddy?
 Santa gave out lots of presents that he had saved especially for the party!  The little heart buddies were very polite and thanked santa very much for coming when he should be having a long sleepy!
Little Leon had another surprise for Mummy.... Standing up!!!
Little Leon spent the evening standing and sitting in the middle of his toys, he is happy and so are mummy and daddy!
I think i need to put these away soon....... Nah! 

Leon, Mummy and Daddy want to say a huge thankyou to everyone we know, and those we dont know for the love and support over the past year.  Little Leon hopes next year will be full of fun and less stress for us all!

He also want to say a Beeg Little Leon hello to a special heart buddy from America, Mykenzie Grace Carro, she was born on the 18th December and had her heart surgery within hours.  Yesterday her Daddy Adam drove her home to New York to meet the rest of her family.  Mykenzie has made an amazing recovery from her surgery, encouraged by her Mummy and Daddys hugs and lots of people praying and sending good wishes.   Like Leon she will need more surgery, but for now she is making her Mummy and Daddy very very proud.

So a big HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL from Leon, Mummy and Daddy.. He says keep tuning into his blog..... There are many more adventures to come!!!

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Sarahmumof3 said...

happy new year to you Leon and your family Best wishes for 2012 and all the fun it will bring xx