Once upon a time, not so very long ago........

Little Leon was born with a poorly heart. This made his Mummy and Daddy sad and they decided to search for a special friend who would keep Little Leon company and look after him while he was in hospital.............

The Adventure begins..............

Friday, 10 June 2011

Little Leon gets a very special invitation....

Yesterday Little Leons Mummy got a phone call from the Big Cheeses secretary who invited him to go into the hospital to have his heart repaired and to stay with the lovely nursey laydees.  Leon is very excited.  He visited today for an assessment to make sure that he is fit for surgery.

So very early  Daddy started the car and took Little Leon and his Mummy to LGI.  First of all Nurse Liz filled in some paperwork, then she took some swabs to make sure that Leon doesnt have MRSA.  She weighed him, 18llbs or near enough, he has been drinking lots of milky!  and 73 cm long, he is going to be tall!  Then she sent Little Leon on an adventure trail that went all over the hospital to X-ray, Blood tests, ECG where Leon impressed the Technician so much she gave him a lovely sticker with a red fire engine that says  'Ive had an ECG'  and finally Bagel Nash!!
Little Leon impressing the lady for a sticker!

Little Leon stopped by his laydees on Ward 10, they are looking forward to welcoming him next week when he comes back from Intensive care.  They have lots of notes about what he likes to play with, who he likes to play with and that he likes lots of cuddles and gives lots of cuddles!

Little Leon briefing Noel on the adventure while the cot bed gang look on.
So the order of the week, Sunday Leon goes into hospital and stays the night with his Mummy, Daddy and the laydees.  Then its a ride down the corridor to see the big cheese, who will be waiting with the assistant cheeses to repair Little Leons heart. It will take about 10 hours to do the whole repair.  Its going to be a long day for Mummy and Daddy!  Then Little Leon gets his own personal Nursey in Intensive Care, his stay there depends on how well he is.  Then when they decide that they have had enough cuddles and have taken all the drips, lines and ventilator away, he will have another ride to High Dependency, where they will give more cuddles and lots of care from the laydees on ward 10.  After they get fed up with cuteness they will move him up the corridor (nearer the sensory room so Mummy can play!), to his own room before they send him home to the Cot Bed Gang, who will look after him from there with Mummy and Daddy.

With luck and a prevailing wind, Little Leon should only need out patients appointments after that, but its too early to say at the moment.

Noel is also excited and has packed his bag ready to go to the hospital with Little Leon.  The Cot bed gang are organising a 'see you later alligator' party for Saturday night, yes a bring your own milky one at that.

Little Leons Badge!!

So its going to be a long hard week for Little Leon and Mummy, Daddy and all Leons friends.  His normal cuddle and cuteness service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Little Leon says keep looking at his blog because Mummy and Daddy will let you know how he is and where you can send your cuddle thoughts!


Janet Ivin said...

My friend's daughter, Hannah, had major heart surgery for a Tetralogy of Fallot repair when she was a young baby. Hannah will be 21 this year! Thinking of you all.

Helen said...

Thank you Janet,

I've met a few people who have had a simlar repair and they are fine. Gives us hope it will turn out well.

Kev said...

All the best I can't imagine how scared you will be feeling. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and I'll give the wildcats a big cheer on behalf of the little fella. Here's hoping everything goes to plan and the wildcats get a win for Leon and his daddy.

Helen said...

Well Kev,
Looks like your cheering worked! We will have the boys back on the terraces before we know it! Providing we get a date before the end of the season!!